The story of valentine has become a love legend, a period were hearts are broken and some created. Legend evokes that during the reign of Emperor Claudius II of Rome there was a  logical resolution one which many of us would make in a position of leadership during battle times “Single men fights better than married men” but then this resolution led to a decision which in summary said “marriage is a crime” while in our contemporary society of today many of us don’t need an emperor to put a ban on marriage the Christian way, for we are already on that drivers sit comfortably, this singular decision of the most powerful man in Rome, would then bring about the legend of a saint called Valentine and a season of love.  

Legend states that on hearing about the decree the priest; Valentine, felt it was an unfair situation to put this soldiers into, so amid the decree he continued the marriage ceremony of the young love birds in secrets. As very few things can actually be kept secret especially when walls still have ears he was soon discovered, jailed and sentenced to death, in Christian terms he was persecuted for his believes. Now as he patiently waited for his fate, it is thought that during this period he through the help of Jesus performed a miracle on the jailer’s daughter; Asterius, restoring her lost sight. Now some stories also suspected that he also fell for her but all those stories agree on one thing LOVE and just before he died he wrote a letter to her which was signed with “From your Valentine” as a farewell an expression that is still in use today, for Valentine has now become the patron saint for lovers by canonization.

Now, all the events spoken off happened not last decade or century but actually as far back as A.D 270 or 270 CE, this story has been passed from one generation to the other and most of all it has been recognised by Europe and the Church as very relevant and heroic, bringing to life year after year the acts of a local priest. Honour is the ability to recognise difference in people, in things and also in actions while wisdom is the ability to reward that difference but it all begins with a RECOGNITION. Everybody honours, your current results determines who or what you have been honouring, Positive or Negative, Love or Hate, Diligence or Laziness, Heroes or Villains’. The question then is who and what is Nigeria Recognising? And who are you recognising?