On the internal revenue scale Lagos state has led since independence whilst it was still the capital of Nigeria. In simple terms while state like Edo is making an average estimate of say Five Naira, Lagos would be making Fifty and this has been on for the past Five decades. Generation after generation a state with a population above New York City and a little under Ghana keeps having something to say about their status and if you push a little further they would retaliate saying “at least we are better than other states” a well-earned simulated national championship. As it stands if an individual even says am from Lagos state that person could easily be called a liar, because for now it’s still the best we have to offer. According to Wikipedia if Lagos was a country it would have been the fifth largest economy in Africa, it’s that Intense.
One reoccurring problem of the Lagosians is the high population. But, Population is like a light at the end of a tunnel while one person out of fear and laziness among others would perceive more quickly that it’s an approaching train in that quickly drawing a very damaging conclusion of not trying, the other fellow sees the light at the end of the tunnel as a light that shows a way out of the tunnel thereby willing to take a leap of faith. Take for instance, a population of say 20 million with roughly 10 million able to drive a car and the other 10 million in need of been driven around. There are two ways to focus on this, first, a high traffic, portholes on the roads and a higher level of car tragedies. Secondly, more demand for cars, more revenue income tax for the government, more private car companies can be instituted, more jobs and a general improvement of infrastructure. The thing is, both ways require almost the same effort, the results of a focus becomes clearer in the years that follow, so what has been focused on in Lagos in the past decades?

The presence of islands and mainland’s have also been a reason for a slowed growth of the city of Lagos, while the effects are seen as development are sometimes one sided. This case can be best straightened by using a crude oil. You see in lay terms a crude oil is pregnant with children, of which the most valuable, the most understandable, the most agreeable of the children is oil. Despite the oil’s wonderful trait if the engineers refused to develop another child; say Gas, many countries would have been powering their electric plant with oil which would have killed oil before she even reached her puberty. As well stated, we are as strong as our weakest link forget the animal farm and build a city that can compete with international standards or at least lay the foundations for one and let it not only accommodate the rich.

Lagos needs more roads, more bridges, road agents, in summary better infrastructures. It is like a wealthy man who travels with his wife and kids sitting in the economy class of a plane while he rest in the first class to save cost on transportation.  The waste management in most part of Lagos is just laughable in short, terrible! Clearly, the government has not seen tidiness as important as it supposed to, if not a sanitation Saturday would be the least item on the items on the paths to environmental sanitation in a business hub as Lagos.  So who is to blame really? The government of Lagos or the Residents.