This last week has been something else for Nigerians coupled with the fact that the Naira just keeps dropping and the oil price isn’t increasing at a pace desired. The weather has been unapologetically hot, not to mention this is still a country where the voltage generated for about a hundred and seventy million people is at its best just over 5000 MW attained on February 2 2015, this days it’s understandable to have your bath more than twice even if you are a straight dude and sleep stack naked if you are a lady, that’s how hot it has got. So what is happening? Why is Nigeria this hot?

Firstly, there are very few certain things in this world, and even those which seem to be certain can within split seconds be modified, disproved or replaced. But one thing is certain, nothing can ever be made certain without some form of trial which begins with a hypothesis. Secondly, Nigeria has always been a hot country, but this case has gone a little over board. So lets discuss a little science today, not maintenance, politics or cars; just science, the weather aspect.

The first hypothesis states simply this is a Heat Wave. For this to be considered a heat wave the maximum temperature in a day is supposed to reach or exceed 32.2oC which when converted is about 90oF and secondly its meant to last an entire day, a couple of days or at most some weeks. On Friday it was 99oF approximately 37oF on Saturday it is 94oF. Global warming is major cause of more frequent heat waves, this means air pollution in urban (city) areas are getting worse, to the children and the elderly there is an increased risk of getting asthma, strokes or heart attacks due to the extreme heat.

Second hypothesis: prolonged hot weather leads to prolonged warm weather. This hypothesis is only applicable to few places within Nigeria, but it says excessive heats is the prelude for heavy rains. The third and final hypothesis, is this is an extension of the harmattan, for many years, Nigeria has only experienced two seasons, raining and harmattan, with the dry imbedded in the harmattan season. With this hypothesis, we are stating that unlike other years when the rain came early as early as January, the rains would be delayed much further this year. But, according to a metro-logical agency all three hypothesis are the causes of this heat.

Whatever the case is, Nigeria is currently very hot. And this cause has an effect, excluding the obvious extreme heat in the afternoons and evenings there would also be increased power outages, in Nigerian terms NEPA would take the light even much more, this is because more people, who can and can’t afford it would be using electrical appliances such as the Air-condition, thereby draining the average supply of electricity to that area from the National grid. What can you do? If you can afford it please get yourself a generator, an inverter or more smartly install a solar panel, Stay hydrated, Stay indoors during the hot times, Wear less or light coloured clothing, Ensure proper ventilation and also stay refreshed. The list goes on and on but the reality is Nigeria is hot that is not your choice, but what you do about it is a choice. Stay alive.


By the way am just a Bystander.