I was approached by a friend and asked the most unlikely of questions, the one I least expected, what is your favourite article bystander from the past? So I looked at this blog as you are currently looking at it now, and imagined I was having that moment with Oprah. And you know she leans over and gives this politically-correct laugh as she asks which one article would you post if you had only a few minutes to spend online, what would it say? And what would my answer be? Well…

I would consider JABI LAKE PARK a stunning relaxation site in the heart of the federal capital territory of Nigeria which has the potential to compete with any Leisure park across the globe, generating considerable income and Jobs but like Silverbird lacks the proper maintenance. The similarity goes beyond that, I came to discover a culture here among the elite which is when you get to a certain level in the demand you don’t care what you supply. For instance things have gotten worse in Jabi Lake Park and in Silverbird, constant maintenance is still on the low, apart from the increase in security, things like Shoprite shows at night without the presence of an “S” and nobody cares because there is still a high demand to be in Silverbird and staffs are still paid above the minimum wage.

But, maybe I would consider relating to the Road Fury, and the inefficiency of the road safety department, this actually hurts because on the 19th I lost an ex-school mate to a burning car in the city of Lagos barely a few months after this article warned the Road Safety department, if much attention is given here not every accident would be fatal, because officials would be where they ought to be and also at the right time. The missing piece of Abuja Master Plan is also a contender as it would be nice to know that we could Assist the FCT minister, administer his duties excellently. But then again what can I say about the Pursuit of a Nigerian Dream, this article was a classic, I’d put it in any National Library in any country.

Just a detour, do you know that the Diary of a Youth Corper is a true experience that is currently happening to a bystander? The NYSC is an event every Nigerian goes through except well you are very advanced in age, for the first 3 weeks you are locked up in a United camp where there are no Pessimistic cars or a Police that understands human relations; just you and the Military. There are some things you are meant to get at the end of your Service year and one is, No Tribalism wins and there would be three cars used in Heaven, hopefully you don’t visit there during that service year. What an article?

I would have told you want I wanted for Christmas, but it’s already a new year and I know John the Baptist was a great guy but his birthday isn’t known. So if I had to pick my favourite article it would be one not yet written and it would read simply “Happy New Year” because as long as you can read those three words it means you still have life and therefore you still got Hope.

So, Happy New Year