Abuja is no doubt one of the best Location if not the very best there is in the Country, and this has been due to some terrible commitment made by certain individuals both behind and before the screen. But there begins the game of complacency; The Blame game. You sense that the process has set the limits of performance and it says something like, as long as we are better than Lagos we are okay. And soon it seems the system sells the same idea to the residents of the capital city that many have resulted that their expectant wait is futile and so they have to take matters into their own hands.

Owning a house in Abuja goes beyond the norm of just sighting a land or better still a building you like in a location or you love and then contacting your bankers and lawyers to make the transaction a reality. The individual has to have in mind that aside from taxes been paid, other agencies were set up to take your money consistently like the Abuja Municipal Area Council or the Federal Capital Development Agency. This group was created with some of the best intentions just like a toll gate but they clapped for themselves too early.

The founding fathers thought several years from when an estate was built and the weight of the electricity would have increased greatly destroying the transformers a group needed to be set up to step in, in spite of the government in place. When, the roads created perfectly due to many factors including pressure begins to crack or even in some cases disappear, this group was set up to step in. A sort of rapid response thingy, so that the cases doesn’t diminish much further or stretch for long waiting for a national budget to be signed.

Over the years well-meaning Nigerians have gone deep into their pockets and paid their fines, their dues, which always ran into the thousands after already paying tax and mortgage. But, they awoke and their roads went from a beauty to scarecrow, they watched as their transformers shut down time and time again and then members of the community were told to contribute to enable repair or replacement, even though at this period they might not have received their monthly salary, they managed to pay. So who is to blame?

To know what Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has accomplished in a year you would need to either know someone personally or check their website because their effort aren’t too visible to all and can therefore not be criticized by all, The FCDA is kind off better because it’s quite visible that they are present in the FCT, with their popular signs put up on many buildings “REMOVE BY ORDER OF THE FCDA” but that is just about it, they are more into removing than restoring, demolishing than building. Both are birds of the same feathers clearly.

The blame game in the city of Abuja is quite broad, but I know this can be likened to a witchcraft done in the daylight, by people wearing nicely fitted suits and native attires with the backing of a law that was supposed to advance the living conditions of hard working Nigerians but have not done that effectively nevertheless still demanding for the same fees that increase steadily.

One thing is for sure, the inhabitants of the city are very hopeful that the blame game between the government, the FCT Ministry, FCDA, AMAC and the residents would end soon. How would they know these? Results.

Today’s complacency is Tomorrows Captivity – Rev. Rodriguez

By the way I am just a Bystander