The year started obviously with the anticipation of the presidential election and of course for the first time a gubernatorial election that was slated for a months after, this was a commendable strategy by the INEC, led by the calm and deliberate Prof Attahiru Jega. With all parties heavily invested in this race it became a battle that was fought on many fronts, I think the whole election was won on the six letter words CHANGE, at a time people said that word more than they called JESUS. A kid’s first words around this period would have been CHAAGG... I believe whoever created that campaign slogan for the APC should have been rewarded handsomely.

Former INEC Chairman: Prof Jega

Still on the matter of handsome rewards towards the end of the last presidents’ tenure, some few months to its end, there were a lot of political appointments. I think whoever advised the  then president to go on with that, didn’t look much at the polls at the time; am sorry we don’t have polls, but we do have Channels TV our very own CNN. Bottom-line, it wasn’t the best move for an individual seeking re-election and it soon turned out not to be a very handsome reward for those rewarded, as most of them in the current administration were removed from their respective positions.  
Former President and Current President

Well Nigeria moved on, there was a smooth transition thanks to the heroics of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; accepting defeats in a matter of minutes. The swearing in ceremony was a success despite all the threats: deviating a little, the dialogue sandwiched between the Vice president and his wife went on for a long time during the swearing in ceremony and it seemed to be a very interesting one, I still wonder what the Prof must have been saying that was making his queen laugh and smile so much. Well I believe if I was married and just about to be sworn in as the Vice-President of the Republic of Nigeria I would understand. Stirring on.

Vice President and His Wife

In this year Nigeria maintained their status against the Ebola Virus and this is largely due to the persistent work done underground by our local doctors especially in international airports. And also more than 200 of our health workers volunteered to join the doctors without borders combating the issues of EBV in her sister countries, this was also the highest numbers across Africa. Those doctors, nurses, lab workers etc. should not be forgotten. We as bystanders call them Heroes.
Health Workers 

Still on the brighter side the flying eagles retained their world title in the under 17 world cup, it was a proud sight to behold, but for the Jersey. The eagle’s jersey design is one of the worst not just in the world but in our history; it’s not boring as the BBC would put it, it’s just ugly. I think if you pay people no matter their brand to do a work for you the least thing you can do for yourselves is ensure that you get value for all those plenty money you let go off.

Nigeria Under 17 Celebrating its second world cup victory

Also, a few politicians have taken to the social media to discuss issues and this is very commendable, but none was frequent on a social media more than Senator Ben Bruce. The common sense campaign has come to so many as a very welcomed development especially all those ideas and information’s coming from a sitting senator no doubt he has been a senior bystander; when he speaks it gets to over 300,000 minds, well maybe 300 for me. If we had a Poll, this year would clearly show that Senator Ben Bruce is leading, ensuring that the last president from Bayelsa isn’t in fact the very last as many thought, sadly we only have Channels TV as earlier mentioned.

Senator Ben Bruce: A senior bystander for 2015

Majorly in the year 2015 with the fall of the price of Brent crude oil from as high as over 100$/barrel  to as low as around 30$/barrel many countries heavily dependent on oil and gas revenues like Angola and most recently South Sudan have resulted to devalue their currency to help curb the economic challenges. The new Nigerian government have had to make this tough choices since Nigeria is still on the level of importing toothpicks and the revenue generation has almost being split in half, the choices are still ongoing as clearly stated from the media chat with the president, but what was really confusing was why they delayed to name the ministers of their cabinet especially when there was not going to be a surprise candidate like a youth with fresh ideas? Maybe we would know after 4 years. So they figured, money is not really available now, but money was available before, so where did it all go? Which leads us to the fight against corruption.


The fight against corruption which has been largely called a witch-hunt by one of the only surviving PDP governors (popularly known as the Nollywood governor) has been quite indecisive, that is many have been charged but none have been actually acquitted or found guilty; Only well mentioned cases by the EFCC and the presidency. We actually don’t care if it’s a witch-hunt, if there was no witch probably we would have been hunting for a deer. Have you seen Portharcourt Roads? Have you seen Lagos traffic and its waste management in some areas? You would probably think that the states don’t have a master plan but they do and it doesn’t look like what is on ground. Have you listened to the tape recording that leaked out prior to a certain governor’s election or selection? The state of our Federal, State Universities and Poly-techniques? The state of even some police quarters? How Petroleum marketers hoard their products despite government threats and citizen’s needs? The state of the countries refineries and the pipelines? why 27 states out of 36 couldn't pay their workers? and so much more.

Lagos City Traffic Congestion

On a religious note, coupled with the fact that Salvation ministries was already constructing a 100,000 seat church, Living Faith is on their way to constructing a stadium like auditorium which would also be a 100,000 seat church but this one would have malls, a cinema and other side attractions. This is obviously one sector Nigeria is leading the world; I mean including the original Jew nation; Israel. But sadly the Muslim majority are again on another group with a contradicting-conviction (or belief) as to the norm like that of Bokoharam; Shiite Muslims. It’s interesting and quite unfortunate to note that having a contradicting-conviction (or belief) from the norm in Islam can lead to killing innocent lives, suicide bombers and various law breakers among others whereas  a shift from the norm in Christianity leads to a 100,000 seat building been built and probably Universities, but, what do I know?

Well I know this, 2015 has been an eventful year for the country and the world, many left it while many were introduced. The conclusion of the matter, you are where you are today by the choices you have made, so if you don’t like where you are, maybe you should consider changing the choices you make in the new year, DELIBERATELY, remember if it does not challenge you it cannot change you. Nevertheless, you might not be where you want to be but you are definitely not where you used to be and for that be grateful as you approach the New Year.

Happy New Year… In Advance