So I started a series with you, some weeks ago about the three cars that would be used in heaven. I remember saying “do not look for a reference in any scriptural book” but if you do actually ignore that and you happen to find anything please contact me, it would be good to note that the Lord has been speaking things to me on this matter, so I can confidently say “Speak on Lord, thy servant heareth and is currently blogging about it to the nations of the earth” Until then, let’s stick with the facts; Welcome to Bentley.

This Great machine is more than just a Car.

One of the most advanced All-Wheel-Drive System, ensuring that all the 12-cylinder engine power is generated and utilized effectively. It has the ability to accelerate under a wave of torque at any speed in all weather. 

All- Wheel- Drive is not simply about delivering superb traction for higher performance, it also ensures greater safely in all-weather condition. In addition, the uprated Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system operates alongside with the All-Wheel-Drive system to deliver superb reassurance to fit your driving style. As soon as the driver presses the throttle harder the engine instantly switches back to full eight cylinder operation. Interesting!

This great car is Exceptional. World-Class interior craftsmanship remain blissfully intact, high-tech convince contrasts with that classic charm on the leather that covers most surface. The front seat comfort is excellent.

This magnificent machine is DYNAMIC. Bentley comes with standard side airbags for all seats, drivers knee airbags, standard stability, traction control, antilock brakes, a power-and-telescoping steering wheel, keyless ignition and entry, just like an entry to heaven. 

Season greetings to all lovers of Bentley and a prosperous New Year to all car lovers.

By the way I am just a Bystander.