If you reading this I know one thing about you and that is despite your belief in the existence of a supreme being, you believe there is a heaven and you hope you’d get there. Speaking of believes, I also believe when you make it there, these three cars would also be there, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Rolls Royce. This is not scriptural so don’t try looking for a reference in any holy book.

So I begin with the car you’d probably already read about here as a Pessimistic Car; Mercedes Benz. But despite the pessimism this great German machine for me has to make heaven. And this is why?

PERFORMANCE: From 2001, 2010 -2012 Mercedes, GL 550, GL 450, ML 350, ML 350 Blue Tec, ML 450 Hybrid and ML 550 etc. The Engineers that design this cars knows it all.

Let’s start from the steering and the suspension while turning. It is too soft to inspire confidence in corners.

The brake systems performance is wonderful and excellent. While driving, fear not because it has antilock brake system. When talking about stability and traction, I give it to BENZ. It is a well-equipped machine.

When it comes to ascending and descending on hills, the control is not ordinary. With the number of front airbags and side airbags nobody is permitted to die inside the car.

Talking about fuel economy, Nigerians love this car, it helps a lot… you know what am talking about. Just seeing this machines on the Road gives me joy.  Don’t you want to just drive this car right now?

But I woke up one day and I saw GL 550, 450 and ML 550 & 450, 2014 model I was not impressed with the body frame work, I really wish the management or the Engineers could help me be enlightened on what really happened? Were you guys under pressure to deliver?

I think you should improve on the more recent models. Even though you already have a straight ticket to heaven, that doesn’t mean you should start misbehaving.

To be continued…
By the way I am just a Bystander.
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