This was the last hurdle of the race, I couldn't believe it's been 3 weeks already. A lot of activities were slated for this last hurdle; the inter platoon competitions (platoon 1-10) was coming to an end and everyone was at their wits trying to ensure their team was on top of their game. The inherent desire to be victorious in every human just brought out the competition among those guys, because everything added some form of points to your platoon.  So people did just about anything; they showed up more often for the evening presentations which always started from 8pm-9.40pm, One would think they shared Kentucky's fried chicken every night and not just the extra 5 marks your platoon(team) got from the number of people in attendance which was the case.
This week was also the moment where we would be paid our first monthly allowance, (awoof-money). Okay so the NYSC allowance is the sum of 19,800 naira, paid to every youth corps member by the federal government at the end of every month for the duration of the service year (one year).  This money was so needed by the majority of us as we were running out of cash already. First, for example there were those who were constantly buying meals on credit from the maami market since their first appearance in camp and have given their allowance as a collateral; then there were others who had been taking pictures from the so called photographers.  Forgive me but this photographers in NYSC camps are in to rob people of their money, they go by the idea that "whatever photo we print: you pay" even if it's something you don’t like, you would be asked to pay anyway or you wouldn't get any of your photos. There were many more activities that affected the allowances before it even came. 
Also this week left everyone wondering if the popular camp carnival/camp fire night which was usually the most important thing you'd ever experience in camp as told by so many ex-corps members, was going to hold as rumors had it that it might be cancelled. The anticipation despite all rumors was growing each day as most people were seen making tee-shirts with writings with really cool artworks. 
But it was cancelled. Many of us couldn't believe this was happening, they denied us our carnival and now our camp fire, (no dancing around the fire; all those memories dead), no pictures to take and no funny costumes to wear: this was beyond sad. Lord what kind of place is this? I asked But it soon became a rather bitter sweet night as I heard screams of my platoon mates all over the place we had just won the 1st position in the dance presentation, 2nd in Drama and 3rd in comedy.  Yeah I was so excited that I joined in their chants and bants. No better way to end the night.  

Finally it was the last day, we get to leave this place and see what else was going on in the world while we were in here and most importantly I discover my fate for the next one year. After the parade I got my phone and saw a text from NYSC "your application for relocation has been successful" wouldn't have to remain in Zamfara for the next 1year I am off to another state. I couldn't thank God enough.

In all it was an amazing camp experience and if I could put this on repeat I definitely would.

Apologies for the late post, Thanks for sticking to these episodes and your amazing words of encouragement and criticism, I hope 2016 would be much better. Happy New Year dah-lings.  

Bystander: Sophina