Science says when you submit to a certain process, that process becomes a part of you or at least it becomes easier, what science didn’t say is what happens when you have no choice. I think it’s the same effect, but the only advantage/disadvantage is your adaptation is faster. This process got better though when it got accompanied by the “early make-up artist” for me.

I found out about them when I woke up mistakenly by 3:30am. I got up and saw some very diligent work of art, I was intrigued and asked one “Please sister, when did you wake up?” and she said maybe 3am, I almost lost it, like I could borrow their one hour thirty minute that they threw to this artistry and add it to mine. This i found out to be a daily thing, because looking good this way is a big priority for this group. Well at the break of dawn, when the sunlight reflects their works of arts, the real fun begins. It becomes clearer if the one hour thirty minutes was for a Picasso or the Halloween. 


This was almost the time to collect our first allowances. Everybody was interested, even the Dangote lookalike. But then the most required item for collection of this allowances was your Meal ticket. The meal ticket is a little folder like with a funny passport of you. It is used to indicate the signatures whenever you visit the camp kitchen, and this in turn shows your presence in the camp. So it is safe to assume that the lesser the signatures on your meal ticket and the fresher it looks the richer or better said the more extravagant you are. It hit me just then when I saw some of my room’s makeup artist socializing on the queue with the meal ticket of innocent souls. This was always the plan.

Well moving along, the camp director permitted my team; The OBS. To go ahead with a program we had tagged a "Happy Hour" and “Camp Experience” The happy hour was a comedy show hosted by two crazy dudes one being an Igbo and the other a Yoruba, performing in the lands of the Hausa. With the passion in which they carried out this task, I'm sure they could give the likes of A.Y, Basketmouth, Julius you name it, a run for their money and also the camp experience was all about the music. It was like a whole new transition from the whole dusty sunny environment drills into a cool funky state.

But, "There comes a time in life when you'll have to leave everything behind and start something new... ". This was already coming to an end; how can this be when it was only yesterday we came here.  Looking around the room I could see the smiles on every girls face especially the makeup artist, people sharing stuff, some others like my friend Ify who was fasting and praying over the relocation, I waved on and asked her to include my name and state code to heaven as well. But in all everyone looked happy, it was like we knew each other before coming to Zamfara.

I didn't want this to stop... But I was determined to save the best moments for the last, I think someone else might have heard those thoughts as well because the coming week was just amazing... Just when I wanted to rest on this laurel (3 weeks in Zamfara) I was reminded by the military “It’s not over yet” with a wicked smile.

Watch out for episode 6: The last post of this diary of a Youth Corper, for the year 2015.

Bystander: Sophina


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