This is a story, an article, heck I don’t really know, but I know this, the past and the present collides here.  So let’s begin like this. Once upon a time, fresh from the internal discord between a certain people whose northern and southern protectorate were married in the year 1914 to produce a country, a scheme was instituted for the youth to serve, to blend, see new places and learn. The scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Civil war; the unfortunate background in our national history.  So every year Nigerian graduates within Nigeria and the diaspora are sent on errands for one whole year: for one year o!!! For most they are sent to other states different from where they reside.

At 3:18 pm of the 22nd of October 2015, the long awaited call up/ Posting letter for all batch b 2015 which was due to be out at midnight of the previous day was officially finally released. 
The entire social media went crazy, I followed it. But I declined checking mine.
As I opened a new tab on my phone, my heart beat so fast. I knew I wasn't normal, and so I quickly logged on to the official national youth service Corps.  Site and then I tried to login. 

Error 403 was displayed “like seriously?! In this matter too” 

This "Error 403” issue has been on for quite a while now, especially when using a mobile phone.  But considering the fact that more than 50% of the population of youth would use a mobile phone, if this service doesn't work on them, then this service doesn't just work.  Well it dawned on me, my laptop is dead; so I switched to desktop mode on my phone and voilà! I was able to get in.
Racing quickly to the login link and scrolling to "print call-up letter" and then it opened.  You have been posted to Zamfara, “what! How! Were my personal angels sleeping!? I have never even been to the north!!” my mums reaction was simple “you are not going anywhere”

Brace yourself, more to follow…

Bystander: Sophina


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