DIARY OF A YOUTH CORPER 2: A Trip to Balogun Market

The 24th of October 2015

If you are African reading this, am sure you know that convincing your typical African mum to go to a place far north to serve the country when you haven't been there before, has to begin with some sort of prayer. Mine was straight to the point “Father… Help!!!” she later accepted.
But honestly, I still couldn't believe I had been posted to Zamfara, I wanted to believe this was some form of hallucination. I finally got a hold of myself and along with a friend we visited the popular Balogun market. She like me was one of the many people who didn't get the states they desired. 
The thought of going to Balogun market tickles my bones any time, any day at this market it seems the entire population of Lagos has its shopping at the same time with a "60% discount sale. Well it was my turn today to join that populace, but I did that with utmost care; I knew where every penny was on me as I didn't want to be a victim of pick-pocketing, hell No! Definitely not, now that Zamfara is involved.

The thing about going to a place where sharia law might be in place (although, some people say it isn’t) is you can’t leave anything to chance. I met up with my friend some minutes later and we started walking through the streets of the market looking out for the things that were most important on our list. We hadn't gone far sef on this walk, as these sellers tried to shove their goods and wares in our faces, some even went furthermore to pull us, haba!; they knew what we needed better, so it seemed.   

Just a detour there is beauty in orderliness, most importantly work can be done better in an orderly environment. One place lacking this so much is the city of Lagos, Migration rate being quite higher in this city, the city management have consistently made that the reason it cannot cope with different problems including, garbage management, drinkable water, manure system organization and drainage issues. Food, soil, air and water contagion. But this growth in population has not stopped giving the city an internal revenue more than any state in existence (N276.1bn to be exact as of last year). I bet someone has not told them, to whom much is Given much is Expected e.g. Advanced Planning

Anyway, these people (the sellers) at the popular Balogun market of Lagos, I believe know the right thing to do which is to stay inside the shops that have been provided for them by the state government or maybe in front of the shops but it should not exceed that; don't get to the road for Christ sakes. They all seemed to behave when the task force shows up, that is only for a little while though as that is how long the task force stays, then they probably go for their lunch, which probably never finishes until it enters dinner. You know what I mean?
Now I begin the journey to Zamfara, Tsafe L. G. hmm “Father... Help”

More to follow…

Bystander: Sophina


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