We as the bystanders welcome the newly appointed ministers. We say publicly that we would not let your offices rest, because if there be any misgivings we are actually the ones to be first affected. The build up to each ones appointment was huge. While it did not still surpass that of the INEC results coalition (that coalition was simply epic, if you missed it; You missed), it did come close. But you are here finally. Here your past glory no longer matters, your past success is irrelevant. It’s time to go by the beautiful and organised thinking that helped you go through the upper chamber. This is not business as usual. Everyday matters, every second counts.

New Ministers being Inaugurated

Welcome to the bystander. Where perfection is the goal but excellence is also accepted. A place unusual minds meet. A hub of ideas. Ordinary doesn’t survive here. Here we know, corruption is Nigeria’s biggest problem, but we believe next to it is lack of Ideas, and next to that is Incompetence. That’s why since the inception of civil service, no civil servants has gone on strike on the basis that funds were not realised to do their work well or to meet a set goal, but they have gone on strike because funds were not released to eat and drive the latest of cars countless times, we say this is not normal. The road safety begins work at 6am and closes work around 4pm when the road fury is about to begin; we say this is not accepted.

So to the new ministers, watch out for the bystanders, we are everywhere, and we mean business.

By the way, am just a Bystander

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