Silverbird: the Bird or the Silver

Silverbird: the Bird or the Silver
Location: FCT, Abuja

Being a Medical Doctor is probably one of the worst professions to practice in this country, medical practitioners' are believed to speak the intention of demons especially to the average religious Nigerian who doesn't see the need for health insurance; but after the situation deteriorates, their words becomes angelic. Amongst the medical practitioners, the ones with probably the LEAST profit making tendencies are the psychologist, “I am only what God says I am” we confess, but we cannot accurately provide the answer to the temperament question are you introverted or extroverted? An average Nigerian grows up not knowing such a thing as temperament or like in my case just confused. But, most times I am introverted, I am not the most sociable person in any building even if it’s a monastery. Going out was a thing that came down to calculations. This very day in the year 2007, all the numbers added up, it was established that going out today was not going to be a total disaster, so I asked, where to? And I was told Silverbird. Is it now a building? BIRD; Mr Ben as a bird took off from one of the Nigerian Television stations in the 80’s, to start building a multi-media company with an emphasis on “multi” in the heart of all the political crisis and tension. If he had nosedived at that he probably would have been a sermon, for most preachers would say; “be content with what God has given you, many of your mates are still jobless, look at Ben, for a clearer understanding, Hallelujah”

The idea that a stand-alone cinema could introduce malls and shopping centres was a break from the norm and it indeed provided a modernised cinematic experience. It was like in the movies, Hollywood not Nollywood and definitely not Bollywood scenes. You entered into the premises and it seemed you switched countries, and that was just what many Nigerians needed, especially those of us who knew there was just absolutely nothing that could take us out of this country, well of course except for a spiritual influence. Being in the premises changed my conduct, I felt the yellow and the ash colours were a bit girlish but nevertheless it brightened my countenance just like a pretty girl would. SILVER; if you passed through Abuja without seeing this property people looked at you funny, as one who just went from Kogi to Keffi without touching Abuja well except you were among the elite few that flew, this was because Mr Ben created an element that was just rare, a little lower than the city's bronze and a little above the city's gold, it was the FCT’s silver building.
Silver Building

SILVERBIRD; Silverbird an icon of the entertainment industry from the 80’s, had to constantly reinvent themselves, but at the turn of times the Silverbird of this current dispensation lacks this dynamism. In summary, Silverbird has stopped growing. The worn out and faded paint on the walls, the damaged glasses above the Silverbird sign post, the un-kept glasses both inside and outside the building is a show of smugness at its best for a group at this level, this has been the case for months. The damaged elevators that makes most visitors walk several laid up stairs through the ground floor to the fourth floor can be very discomforting, you can imagine the case of the beautiful lady on a heel. Mr Ben now Senator Ben by the way is heard and seen most days with the slogan “I just want to make sense” advocating for proper usage of funds, customer satisfaction and protection, but in the Silverbird Complex a can of malt is sold for three hundred naira as to the normal price of hundred and twenty or fifty in some wicked shops, and still the car packs are waterlogged with no proper drainage.
Limited Elevators

Senator Ben, you make sense in the television screens and radio stations but it’s time to make sense with your buildings consistently. Return to the times the Bird and the Silver were symbolic of your standards. 

By the way, am just a bystander.

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